A one-stop wholesale marketplace connecting Gift Shop® Plus advertisers with retailers

Shop! Gift Shop® Plus is an exclusive wholesale marketplace connecting suppliers with retailers nationwide. Using this platform, advertisers can create a Passport and set up their storefront to be shopped directly by the Gift Shop® Plus audience. Get started with Shop! Gift Shop® Plus today!

Benefits Include:

  • Connect with the Gift Shop® Plus audience of retailers and buyers in an exciting new way
  • Unique Gift Shop® Plus marketing opportunities to help promote your storefront and products
  • Product discoverability, with search functions to help attract the right buyers
  • Opportunity to integrate agencies and sales reps in the process
  • Special “Shop!” badge on print and digital ads within issues of Gift Shop® Plus and for use in all your marketing materials
  • Product linking directly from digital issues of Gift Shop® Plus (coming soon)
  • Low 3% transaction fee, no up-front fees and a simple order-delivery system
  • Create your storefront quickly and maintain it easily using standard Brandwise 2.0 tools

Learn more about Shop! Gift Shop® Plus, the Brandwise platform and more below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Setup Your Storefront

Webinar: Why Shop! Gift Shop® Plus?

Webinar: Uploading Products into Shop! Gift Shop® Plus

About Brandwise

Need help with the Shop! Gift Shop® Plus marketplace? Email marketplace@markettime.com for support.