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Gift Shop® Plus is the modern retailer’s essential resource. In addition to its print magazine, Gift Shop® Plus is a 24/7, 365 on-demand digital resource renowned for its high-quality editorial reporting, engaging design and trend forecasting, delivering inspiration and insight to help the more than 39,000 retailers grow and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

In addition, Gift Shop® Plus is a proud founder of the Gift + Stationery Spotlight Awards, an industry-wide honor recognizing 12 outstanding individuals making meaningful contributions to the industry.

It makes my job easier when it comes to purchasing products - once I have the knowledge on the product I can then purchase online - over the phone or at market and possibly have rep come into the store. This publication has been of great value to me and has always interested the staff - they also let me know what items they thing would sale in both retail operations.

- Gift Shop® Plus Subscriber Verbatim, Fall Issue Signet AdStudy®

It is very useful. I use it to check out lines I might be interested in carrying. Any article about hospital gift shops is particularly useful to our hospital gift shop. I also get ideas for display from some of the pictures in the magazine.

- Gift Shop® Plus Subscriber Verbatim, Fall Issue Signet AdStudy®

It helps me find new vendors to approach for new product lines in my store.

- Gift Shop® Plus Subscriber Verbatim, Fall Issue Signet AdStudy®

I like the online version to skim through when it comes. The hard copies I keep on my desk and page through them a few different times a month. I also tear out a page for an idea I like and hang it on my product development wall.

- Gift Shop® Plus Subscriber Verbatim, Fall Issue Signet AdStudy®